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Guys. This post is comin’ at you mid week, spontaneously, unplanned, all of it. My eyes have just unexpectedly been open to a local farm, right smack in the middle of New City. Cropsey Farms is run by the Rockland Farm Alliance. It’s a non profit organization meant to bring the community together to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of earths loins.

Part 1: Now this word “organic” has become ever so prevalent and tossed around willy nilly. How are we to know what is actually organic? I do not have the answer for you and that may have been misleading. Apologies. What I do know is that this farm is growing biodynamic food. This, as I learned about one hour ago, means that there are no pesticides used at all. ZERO PESTICIDES. Instead, specific plants are grown around the land that keep the bugs away naturally. So what we are getting here people, is wholesome, natural, BIODYNAMIC food. Like, for real. You can visit their Facebook page here and keep up with local events that will be taking place at the farm. You can find out how to become a member by visiting their website here. I personally cannot wait to become part of this community. Farms are the ish and we just really don’t have many nearby so let’s keep this one going and growing, am I right?

Part 2: Now below you will see why I chose the name for this post. I’m sure you’ve caught on that I have a love affair with flowers, especially if you follow me on Instagram. But I mean who doesn’t? I’m not special, just one of many admirers. Once you take a moment to view these gorgeous, spectacular, breathtaking little beauties that grow right here on this very farm, come back up and read on. I’m just going to have to trust that you listened to me. And now you may read on. I will be getting the chance to use all these wild wonders to create floral arrangements for a farm to table dinner taking place at this very farm on Saturday, September 24, 2016. Anyone is able to buy tickets and attend this super sweet soiree where you can hear all about being a member, see the farm with your very own eyes, breathe it in (not near the compost)  with your very own nose, eat all its bountiful goodness, etc. All the produce will come from the farm cooked up by the very talented Chef Brian, owner of Rockland Roots Food Truck. So what we have here is a farm to table meal, wine, beer, stars, moonlight, fresh air and good people. If that doesn’t sound like a good time to you then I’m just really unsure of how to look you in the face and call you a civilian.

I will certainly be posting photos from the event to show off my “wild” floral arrangements. See what I did there…


It’s kind of a gorgeous world.

I Swear This is NOT a Food Blog…

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Alright, so. This does appear to have become a food blog. However, I would like to make clear that it was originally designed to be a life, love, inspiration and adventure blog. And I do aim to keep it that way. It’s just that lately there has been so much food around tempting me far away from a bikini body that I had to share with you all so that we can be really disappointed in ourselves, together. As a group. Mob mentality. Winter is coming people, it’s fine.

Below, as per usual, we have a collage from the day. This time though, I was lucky enough to have three (hungry) stud muffins tagging along, posing, eating, drinking, being ridiculous and just doing all the things. Our adventure today was at the Smorgasburg in Williamsburg. No, I did not spell that word wrong. It was named this because the “smorgasbord” event is taking place in the “burgs” of Brooklyn. Clever, yes. I did not name it this though. That is just its name. Named by another clever person. Anyway. I think I’ll just start from the top of the pictures and work my way down.

When you attend an event such as this you really need to be prepared to eat. (duh) But seriously. Once you enter, there is this immediate desire to try one of everything that you pass. And you can certainly do that if you are brave enough and also a professional eater. Maybe one who competes in hotdog eating competitions? Or maybe you’re like me and you know that after three to four items you’ll be very full and need some time to recuperate. Which is why I used the word desire. It’s a dream, a fantasy, and maybe a goal. That said, I personally like to take a walk around and make very specific choices so as to truly enjoy each experience.

We started with tacos at the Taqueria. I am always partial to beef and pork so I went with a carnitas taco. Worth every bite and I was definitely pleased that we started off on a good foot. Now, while I was happily devouring my taco, my husband went and found THE BEST FRENCH FRIES AND DIP TO EVER GRACE THIS PLANET. Home Frite. The malt aioli dip is literally everything. I am not ashamed to say I had one order of fries and dip and after a few other stops, I went back for a second order. And this time, I got two dips. And they were both finished. Mostly by yours truly. Like I said, winter is coming.

I’m not interested in chewing your faces off with my words so I will let most of the pictures do their own talking. But I will discuss the mango flower. Have you seen stands in the streets of New York where they are literally throwing mango slices in a ziploc with hot sauce and shaking them around? And then you eat the hot sauce mangos? Well, this has been going on for years but I have noticed more recently that it’s become like a thing. They also add lime juice, chili powder and salt to the mix. But here we have it beautifully displayed, yet difficult to eat for sure. It is messy and interesting but so good. It’s now the only way I’ll eat a mango. Flower shaped. No, I actually couldn’t care less what it looks like but I do need those other ingredients all over it. And extra salt please. Food for thought (pun intended), this idea translates well to other fruits.

The ramen burger. I’ll let you all go and decide for yourselves. Dough donuts. Yum. Shishito peppers. Have some water on hand but yes, enjoyed them. Prickly pear lemonade, look at that shade of pink. Just stunning. Coconut water from a real life coconut, organic much? The Artist & Flea market across the way is a great place to digest, shop and maybe build up a second appetite? Yes, no? Only me? Okay.

I just love food you guys. Especially being outdoors with it. If you’ve read my previous blogs, you know my feelings on summer coming to an end. I do love wearing pants but I can do that in the summer. What’s cozier than a good sweater you ask? Nothing but I can wear one indoors always and at night in the summer. I just don’t really need the other seasons. Sure, it can snow on Christmas day but then go away.


That concludes this week and maybe next week I’ll blog about something non food related. But don’t count on it.

Desert Pink

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Desert Pink Side View

August 11, 2016

Desert Pink Thank You

August 11, 2016

Desert Pink Invitation

August 11, 2016

Photography by: Kennedy Grace
Calligraphy by: Nancy Favorito


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A Sweet Meltdown

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Well it’s safe to say the weather today was 145 degrees with 300% humidity. Without a doubt. Nonetheless, we ventured out into the hot city on a serious mission. This mission, which I created and chose to accept, was to hit up some serious sweet spots. However, before any sweet adventure, you must always first nourish yourself with actual food. This is to avoid horrible stomach aches. You’re welcome.

First stop, Saigon Shack for our FAVORITE (well, the only that we have had in New York so far) pho. This beef broth noodley-ness is a must for anyone who has never had it. My first time was in Seattle where I believe they are known for it. As soon as I arrived back to New York I had to find me some pho. And luckily, I did. Pictures below will show you this steamy goodness. Now at this point in the day it hadn’t quite reached 145 degrees. It was more like 80. So like normal heat. And we were in air conditioning so it was manageable. While awaiting our bowl of pho, we always start with these crispy pork dumplings that are like no dumpling you have ever had I promise. Ya’ll need to get you some of this stuff immediately if not sooner. Trust the girl who eats her way through every place she’s been (p.s. the girl is me).

Next up, conveniently located across the street is the ever so famous Artichoke Pizza. I have never had this pizza before but I hear it’s all the rave so. I did my due eating diligence. Of course we ordered the artichoke slice which my husband is so gorgeously modeling below (stuffing his face with cheesy goodness). The verdict we both agree, worth the taste.

It’s time for sweets. The priority of the day. The reason I sweat my butt off with a smile on my face all day long. Georgetown cupcake was suggested to me by a friend and hallelujah, it was in walking distance. So we sort of worked up another appetite after eating an entire meal plus a half a meal. Let me tell you, even if I had just eaten 7 meals, I would still find room for these cupcakes. Just the most moist (I know people hate that word but these are cupcakes we’re dealing with and that is one of the only words that matter here, so deal) and most satisfying flavor. Not too sweet and not lacking in flavor either. I loved every bit of it and I’m so happy I brought 6 home with me so I can have another right now as I type this and another with breakfast tomorrow.

Now for the original reason I planned this sugar soiree. I had seen that a chef was whipping up these beautifully decorated bon bon’s at a place called Stick With Me Sweets. My first question was, what is a bon bon? But before I even had the answer I knew I had to just go and see and eat. For those of you who don’t know, a bon bon is a chocolate shell with stuff inside it. Essentially. But it is shaped like a small dome. And these particular bon bon’s are spectacular works of art. Imagery below will do this better justice than words. So lesson of the day, ya’ll need to go get some bon bon’s. And I really like that word. Or is it “words” plural because it’s two? … Questions.

If you can believe it, we found room for one more stop. Laduree. The fancy, french pastry shop that stole my heart with its decadent macaroons. If ever I am in or near soho, this is a must. Rose petal macaroon? Marie Antoinette (english breakfast tea flavored) macaroons? Yes. Yes. And Yes. One of those cuties will be joining me and my cupcake in the morning with tea. Go, just go to this place. Sit there and pretend your french in this adorable and ridiculous place and order some tea or coffee and a pastry and cookies and just forget all your worries for an hour. Everything is fine and lovely.

Now at this point you’re wondering (maybe?) why I named this post ” A Sweet Meltdown.” And maybe you’re thinking, oh because there was so much sugar, Stephanie went crazy and had an actual meltdown. Or maybe you picked up on my not so subtle comments about how hot it was outside today. Both answers are correct. But mostly the latter. I literally melted. And that meant I needed a margarita to refuel my blood and soul. For some insane and bizarre reason we chose a taco place called Tacombi, that had no walls. So we were mostly sitting on the sidewalk. In the heat. Definitely an awesome place for a cooler night. We will be back in the winter.

And that concludes this week’s adventure. Until the next one..



Terrain: Enter at Your Own Risk

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Above is me, practically hysterical with excitement.

A day in Terrain. I’m filled with emotion on this topic. To begin, thank you universe. You have truly outdone yourself with this place. I am not kidding when I say my heart pounds with excitement and fear as I enter this store. Once I’m through the doors, I literally cannot even speak for at least ten whole minutes. Absorbing this unimaginable beauty requires absolute silence. Also, it’s next to impossible to formulate cohesive sentences while I’m having a small stroke. Luckily (haha)  for my husband, he’s normally my companion on these trips. I worry sometimes that he’ll no longer see me as the responsible and restrained human he thought he married once we leave this store, hands full of shopping bags (which by the way, are works of art in themselves). But this is a risk I’m willing to take for Terrain.

I really want to take a trip inside the brain of the person who thought up this dreamland and swim around in there for a bit. Maybe gather up some of his/her creative ability, put it in a gift bag and take it home with me so I can be this genius. Even the restaurant is out of this world. They bring out a fresh baked pot of bread. A POT. Like the kind where you grow a plant. But instead they grew bread. And it’s delicious. I’m actually still kind of speechless so I will let my collage of pictures do the talking. But just know, they do not even do this place the justice it deserves. Just go there, all of you. And maybe bring side blinders so that when it’s time to leave, after you’ve done your buying damage and your wallet is crying but your soul is singing, you can safely escape without turning around and making a second purchase, like I did. I hate myself and I love life.