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October 2016

Greetings, Greeting Cards

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Autumn 2016 has proven to be quite a busy one. It’s been a time for learning, growing and expanding. We are making strides towards growing the greeting card section of the shop. What’s more fun than receiving an adorable, one of a kind card from a friend or loved one? For me, personally, very few things. I tell all my boyfriends (my husband) that all holidays and birthdays will be considered a failure if I don’t receive a card with a sentiment inside, written from the heart. Forget the gifts (jk, don’t) I love to be told all the special things we think and feel daily but never tell our person. Or maybe you do and then bravo but most do not. We live our days with a sense of forever but forever is short and it is an undetermined amount of time. I apologize for getting morbid, however it helps build my case as to why greeting cards hold such significant importance (is that a double negative?) Whether a card be funny, sincere, visually pleasing or all 3, the warmth you feel when you open one and for a brief moment know that someone loves you enough to write a special note to you, is the gift.

Below I will post a few images of ┬áthe latest designs I’ve done. I have a good feeling these are only the first of many to come. IMG_9846
IMG_98282016-10-27 13.27.50

And here is the November desktop calendar!

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