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December 2016

High on Giving

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Will you just look at Luna? I swear she poses herself this way. I’m just lucky enough to sometimes have a camera on me to capture gems like this.

I think, truly, I enjoy giving gifts more than I enjoy receiving them. My brief analysis of this is that I get to completely indulge in all the spending I want with half the guilt, knowing that these purchases are to make others happy. See, when I shop for little old me, I’m always questioning every purchase. Do I need this? If yes, how badly? If I go home without it, will I die? If yes, how soon? So you see the dilemma. I also like to consider myself an excellent gift giver. I honestly think I pay such close attention when people are speaking to me, what people are wearing, what people enjoy (of course all of these people are like my husband, sister and 4 friends, not every person I bump into on the street) and where they shop. I like to really know my people and in turn I can then find them everything they want and desire in this world, within my budget, which grows weekly the closer we get to the holidays and the more insane I become. P.S. Luna is lying on top of a sweater that I bought for myself, for my husband to give me. I’m also really good at buying myself presents.

Below I am showing off my holiday wrapping with some handmade pom pom’s and some really adorable wrapping paper that I found at Target and Home Goods. Along with a few holiday decor items that are my absolute favorite this year, also from Target and Home Goods and additionally, Terrain (well, duh). And guess what? There’s no food in this post. None. Not even holiday cookies. Which now in hindsight I regret because I am always making cookies around this time of year. Plenty of subject matter gone to waste. Maybe I’ll do a cookie blog next… stay tuned.










From left: White Marble Trees: Target, Gold Bells: Target, Gold Llama (set of two): Target, Turquoise Tree: Terrain, Wooden Mushroom: Terrain, Shaker with Copper Top: Home Goods, Glass Apothecary Jar: Home Goods, Small Colorful Ornaments: Terrain, Pine Candle: Terrain