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January 2017

A Year of New

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This post is coming at you a bit delayed seeing as it is already mid month. However, when I started designing desktop calendars I told myself I had to keep up with it. The end of December proved to be extremely busy and I realize thats not unique to me, more like for every single person who celebrates a holiday. So. Everyone. And here we are.

I am ready for a new year and not because 2016 was necessarily so bad. It was decent. It’s just that much like any other “new year” we get excited at the thought of hitting the invisible refresh button and I think that’s healthy. Why not give ourselves the OK to start over in a sense? We aren’t literally starting over because we are still who we are. Same body, same face, same mind. The magic is more in the mindset. Washing the slate clean. Dumping all the nonsense that is maybe bogging down all this free space inside of us that could be utilized for positive and productive activities and thoughts instead. Which brings us to our resolutions. Out with the old and what will be our new? Work more? Work less? Travel more? Get fit? Eat healthier? All of those resolutions are fine. No one person can judge what another person wants to change. Or resolve. We should all support each other during this time and encourage any positive steps. Even when it’s small. Making a long, long list (like your “Santa wish list” long) is overwhelming (not when it comes to gifts though, of course).  When we decide to make changes, let’s be fair to ourselves. In a trying and high anxiety world sometimes we need to be our own cheerleader per say. So celebrate the small victories as much as the big ones. And do the same for your friends and family. Feel good about every single stride. With that healthy and proud mindset we will accomplish more. I was told recently that “When you feel loved you can do anything.” That love can represent a multitude of things whether it be support, encouragement or simply love itself. But when we think of this phrase, let’s remember it also applies to how we feel about ourselves. Love yourself just as hard as you want someone else to love you. You’ll go farther and accomplish more with the support of you.

Okay that’s my sappy new years paragraph. Would this actually be a blog if I didn’t every once in a while get semi emotional and throw out some mindful inspiration? No. It wouldn’t be. I’m attaching my January calendars below. Both computer desktop and iPhone background are available. I also have 2017 8″x10″ calendars in my Etsy shop. Great for framing in your office, kitchen or wherever you usually are when you forget what day it is.


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