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Pamper Monday

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Okay well I won’t sit here and tell you that Monday’s don’t suck. Because of course they do. Saturday and Sunday go way too fast and Monday’s take much too long. So if we can’t eliminate Monday’s and we have to endure the terribleness, I thought maybe we could incorporate some happiness into the dreaded necessity. So here is my plan.

I call it “Pamper Monday” and it’s been really quite a time since I started. One of my new years resolutions was to pamper myself more. Up my beauty routine, spend a bit here and there on some delicious smelling and luxurious feeling products and maybe shave my legs more often. Maybe. So I ordered a few whipped body butters on etsy to give as Christmas gifts way back when we were all feeling merry. And they smelled so good that I of course, got myself one and that’s where it all began. I go to the gym Monday nights at 6:30 and after my shower I cannot wait to use this butter on my now smooth and hairless legs. So I’ll give you a step by step process below on how to pamper and really turn at least a quarter of your Monday around.

step1Step 1: HIT THE GYM

I know you’re tired. And maybe a lot of you do your big workouts on the weekend. But I personally feel, in order to really enjoy a good pamper you want to earn it first. I take a one hour class at my gym that makes me shake and sweat and every minute that passes I feel that much more motivated because I know at the end of this torture I get some luxury. Also, it will definitely send you into a deep sleep that night.


I love my candles. I never really lit them much unless company was over. But then I was like, why shouldn’t I also breathe in delicious scents? It just does something for your soul to walk around and see flickering lights and smell vanilla or apples. Whatever you like. Anthropologie has the best candles that not only smell fantastic but are also aesthetically pleasing.

step3Step 3: THE FACE MASK

I was introduced to Lush this year. I know Lush is kind of old news. It’s pretty established and probably everyone already shops there. But I did not. And now I do. Usually for just two things. One is a face mask called “Love Lettuce.” This mask has made such a difference on my skin. It has nice scrubbing qualities without being overly abrasive. It’s also made with all natural ingredients, which I love. You actually have to keep it in the refrigerator. Also love. It’s nice and cool on your skin. I first wash and tone my face after a workout or anytime before I put on the mask. You want to be working with toxin free skin people. This mask stays on for about 10 minutes and while it’s on you can tweeze your eyebrows, file your nails, get your shower going and breathe in that candle aroma. Feel the steam fill the bathroom and smile. Because you’re pampering. For this 30 minutes to an hour, the evening is all about you and your “me” time.

step4Step 4: GET CLEAN

It’s time for your shower. There’s so much that can be done in a shower to relax. You can literally just stand there and feel the hot water wash over you like a spiritual cleanse and it will be enjoyable. OR you can take a bath. Whatever you guys want. It’s pamper Monday, there are no rules. Only helpful suggestions. So the second Lush product I love to use is this moisturizing shower bar. It works with the hot water to melt into your skin and stay there. You get out of the shower already feeling smooth. Amazing. And it makes the shower smell good too. Make sure you use all your favorite products. Pick up any and all yummy smelling and feeling washing things. Whatever makes tickles your fancy.



Yes. You are already so soft from your shower bar. Now you can be even softer. Grab your luscious, smooth, whipped, creamy, delicious moisturizers. Make sure they feel good and smell good. Now at this point I am wearing a big, fluffy bathrobe. I have my hair brushed and back. I put coconut oil on my face. I’m feeling calm, clean and collected. Everything is delicious.

Last but not least, sit back and relax. This helps to do if you did a little pre-planning on Sunday. Get the laundry done, the things put away, the dishes done. Whatever your usual Monday mess is, let’s keep it minimal so Monday can be all about you. I like to sit in bed, prop up on some pillows, catch up on my favorite shows such as Project Runway, Fixer Upper and Scandal. And grab a notebook to take some notes and make some to do lists. This helps to clear my head so I can really unwind. The aroma from my candles is at full capacity now. And I’m so soft. So things are going well according to my standards. It doesn’t take much and most if not all of it can just be waiting for you at home. So at the end of this horrendous day, you can sprint inside and get right to it. Pamper, people. It’s good for your health.


Less is Love

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For those of you out there like myself, of course you love a good gift. I mean who doesn’t enjoy being gifted? Crazy aliens, that’s who. So when V-day rolls around you probably think to yourself, “hm what is my husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/cat getting for me this year?” And then you sit back and hope it’s something thoughtful and gorgeous.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I do enjoy to gift as well as be gifted on this holiday. It’s mostly just because I consider myself to be a partial feminist so if us women are getting celebrated on Valentine’s Day, then men should also be celebrated so that it’s equal and fair. I haven’t officially given the above statement much thought so don’t hold me to being a partial feminist. But I do like the idea of equality in many aspects of relationships. Also being a lover of psychology and all mental health in general, I think men need to feel loved and appreciated just as much if not more so than women. So with that said, the reason I put together this blog, let’s talk about how to have my kind of Valentine’s Day. Low key, thoughtful and intimate.

Now depending on what night it falls (weekend or weekday) will determine the following. For those of you who live the 9-5 schedule, you win on the weekends. I personally lose as my man is on restaurant time (for those of you who are unfamiliar, Tuesday and Wednesday is our “weekend”). Even more of a reason for my sweet and simple planning method.

Optional Step 1: Prep an easy but obviously delicious and fantastic, meal. Maybe set something up in the slow cooker for the day or an easy roast of sorts. Or maybe like me you just love desserts so bake a bunch of those and have a sugar fiesta. Go crazy. Again this is NOT A FOOD BLOG so I refuse to provide recipe ideas. Although, feel free to peruse my Pinterest page for ideas.

Link: Dessert is everything.

Mandatory Step 1: Gather up your favorite beverage(s). Wine, beer, cocktails, tea, whatever your fancy. Have it set and ready. (If you’re a tea fanatic like myself, you’ll want to check out this company. I highly recommend the snowball tea.

Step 2: Light some candles. All the candles. Any candles you can find. Create a cluster wherever you’ll be spending the brunt of your evening and get that mood lighting going. Exchange gifts and cards. And MEN (I’m laughing as I write this because how many males are actually reading my blog? Maybe zero), there besta be some good, handwritten cards. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before but that card is like a cupcake in my hands. Verbal affirmation is everything. So tell me every single thing you love about me and why. That card will hold me over until my birthday which is a whopping three months after v-day. So maybe save some of your amazing compliments about me for that day. Okay I guess this message subconsciously became directed at my husband. And by the way the dry spell between my birthday (April) and Christmas is really almost too much to bare. I wouldn’t hate a “thinking of you” mid summer card. See, this is how I know I’m in the right industry. Stationery is so important people.

Step 3: Setup a massage area. Now this requires some slight pre planning. One of my favorite extras are the massage bars sold at lush. They smell great and they feel nice so it’s enjoyable for both the masseuse and the receiver of said massage. I bet most of you don’t make time for this with your busy, crazy schedules. And it’s such a relaxing way to unwind and spend quality time with your significant other. It allows time to decompress and chat or no chatting and just being. *NOTE: PUT AWAY ALL TECHNOLOGY FOR SIX MINUTES, YOU WON’T MISS ANYTHING I PROMISE.

Step 4: Drink beverages, (eat potential meal) and try to talk about something other than work. Reflect on your favorite vacations, funniest memories, all the good times. Plan new vacations, dream and fantasize all the things. Even if it’s completely ridiculous like buying a private island and filling the entire place with taco trucks.  The point is to create a “staycation” mindset. Escape your norm and get silly.

Step 5: (outfits are optional here) I won’t get into detail but maybe now you connect with your partner somehow…physically…? Okay bye.

That’s my idea of quite a lovely, stay at home, simple yet intimate Valentine’s Day.  Love is love, guys.

_MG_1029Just another shot of me werking these heart candy’s. Because it took like a bazillion shots to get just 2 decent ones. Also, 95% of this box of candy hearts had either no message on it or it was completely illegible. So this crisp “xoxo” was like finding gold. Blue, edible (but I definitely didn’t eat any of these, ew) gold.
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