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September 2017

Harvest and Autumn and Fall and Babies

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…Still waiting for the leaves to change and the cool nights to come. But apparently, it’s fall. I normally feel sad when summer ends because I loathe wearing shoes that require socks. This year feels different though. And it might be because I’m pregnant? (YAY! smooth, I know) And one of the things that’s not as fun when you’re pregnant is the sun and the heat. Which means the beach. And the pool. And being outside walking around for longer than ten minutes. So I began the hibernating season quite early. As early as July. I have no fading tan to worry about because, I didn’t get tan at all. So I welcome fall this year and all the exciting things to come. Like planning for a baby (wtf). There’s so much to learn and to do, I already know it will be impossible to be as prepared as I fantasize about. One of the first things I’ll have to let go of now that my world is about to change entirely, controlling all the little details. From what I hear, when a kid arrives, that’s no longer possible. Ouch, major reality check. Don’t tell my husband but I am for sure a control freak. I love neatness and organization but like to the extreme. I’m sure I’m not unique. Other people like this stuff too. But just so you all know, those of you who love this stuff and thrive on it, join the control freak club. We’re all members. Deal with it.

Anyway, baby Potenza is coming in February and in the mean time I’m trying my best to get prepared in all the ways I can without becoming psychotic. There’s the obvious decorating, the shower planning, the cocoa buttering and the yoga-ing. And then there’s the mental prep. The emotional prep. The financial prep. A part of me loves this because, again, it all requires organizing which is my happy time. But there’s also a part of me that’s lost. How do you prepare for something you’ve never done? Seen? Been through? Had? Birth? What? So yeah, I can’t do it all. Another reality check. Stay tuned to see how quickly I end up being committed. And if we’re being honest it would probably be me, committing myself. Everything is beautiful don’t worry.

For now though, my biggest focus is on another baby. My stationery business baby. This I can control. And grow. So that when human baby arrives and starts growing on it’s own, whether I like it or not, I did all I can for my business and now we can all figure out how to coexist together. Me and my babies. Being a modern woman is both exciting, liberating, stressful, inspiring, overwhelming and empowering. I have to remind myself of these dynamics everyday because even when the stress and overwhelm take over, I remember that having them is the only way I get everything else.

Below are some images of what’s new in life, love, business and adventure.

Enjoy the apple picking, cider drinking, pumpkin patches, lattes, cupcakes and carvings, the sweaters and the inevitable changes that come with every fall season. Follow along on Instagram for all the updates here in the studio!