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December 2017

I Am Now A Renegade

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PSA guys… I left my design cave. I entered the real world. With real people. To set up a booth that caused me so much agada I don’t even know where to begin. To (hopefully) sell my cards to human beings and interact with them and hear what they think of my work. Cue panic attack. But, by the grace of some magical being, it was actually, AMAZING. First of all, the Renegade Craft Fair (which by the way, is where all the above ridiculousness took place) is run by such kind people who really support artisans and makers and allow them to express their creativity in every way. As aforementioned, I had to plan a booth display. They literally give you the dimensions of a completely blank space and say “Do what you want with it!” Sounds like a dream, yes? Also though, a nightmare. I was stressing hard core over what to do to really make my booth stand out and also represent my products in an efficient but aesthetically pleasing way. It’s all about the aesthetics. Always. You might not even realize but the right window display of a store is going to get you in there, even if you don’t know what the heck they’re selling. Or maybe you do know what they’re selling and it’s something you have zero interest in but you’re so enticed by the window that you just have to go in and then BAM, you buy something and you leave wondering what just happened. Proper merchandising happened. FYI you all just learned something super valuable and I was glad to provide the lesson.

So now that I’ve given away the secret to tricking shoppers into spending more money than they’d like, let’s talk about how I did it. Just kidding. I really didn’t. I’m not a salesperson by any means. I actually dread selling because as a shopper myself, I know what I like and I don’t need it to be sold to me. If I want it I’ll buy it all on my own. So I assume other people are like that too. Especially when it comes to greeting cards. They speak for themselves, literally. If no one you know is having a baby, you probably don’t need a “yay for baby!” card. And if it’s your best friends birthday, then you’re most likely going to shop for a birthday card. So I think I’m in the right industry. I can make the pretty things and let them sell themselves. Love it.

I did the Renegade two weekends in a row, December 9th – 10th and the following, December 16th – 17th. The second weekend was a last minute decision since they allow rolling applications for the last fair. And I was fairly certain I had lost my mind. May I remind you that I’m pregnant. 7 going on 8 months pregnant. So like, I really can’t do anything on my own that’s physical. Cue best husband of the year, John. This ANGEL of a man helped me not only setup both weekends after working his already jam packed week in the brewery, but he stayed the entire first weekend with me to work the booth. So I was able to stuff my face every hour and sit my pregnant rear down for almost most of the day. While he sold cards. And loved it, I think. And I had multiple anxiety attacks because why would anyone want to buy my cards? Who am I even? A little pregnant lady who paints things all day and then makes them into cards and has no idea if anyone cares. But guys, it turns out a few people care. Not only a few but a few few. It was such a cool feeling to see people stop at my booth and pick up a card and either relate to it and smile or find it humorous and laugh or compliment me on my artwork. I mean, just blushing. I really had such a great time meeting new customers and talking to them about their reason behind buying certain cards. Who is having a baby or who loves llamas or who is totally nutty around the holidays. Just a HUGE thank you to anyone who stopped and even just looked and told me they loved my work. It means the world and it reinforced my passion to carry on and push forward.

Below I’ve compiled some photos from my weekend at Renegade which took place at Industry City in Brooklyn this year. I’ll absolutely be doing this fair again next year, this time with a little moon baby on my hip, who by that time will be practically one, holy god. That was a lot of commas. I hope you enjoy the pictures and if you didn’t make it this year, maybe next year you’ll venture out to see me and all the other incredible vendors who make the coolest things!

^ Anddd that’s a wrap. I think I wiped this guy out, just a little. But isn’t he just the best for being so patient and taking 90 million photos of me until I liked just 1 of them? All the love for my man. Thanks for reading!



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