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Moon’s Nursery Wall

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Okay so the first 2 months with a newborn were mental mayhem. Hi, we’re jumping right into things. I will dive further into this combination of words, “mental mayhem.” I just did not know what was going on. Things were easy but they were also extremely hard. That part I might not be able to explain. First off, I of course got our nursery wall together months in advance. I wanted everything to be organized and ready for me once I came home with this new life. And not only organized, but pretty. This adorable wall you’ll see below is in our bedroom so that room is full to the brim. We love it though, truly. ( * searches zillow for bigger house * ) Back to the mayhem. It’s like, when you’re in the hospital, you learn how to properly feed, change, bathe and hold a brand new baby. So you come home and keep on doing those things which are essentially, easy. Instinct kicks in and you just keep doing stuff you didn’t know you knew. But you’re also so tired and not sure why the days are going so fast when you’re doing so much nothing. In all honesty it took me that first 2 months entirely to start to feel human again. 6 weeks is in no way a long enough maternity leave. Yes, I know I work for myself but that was the amount of time I thought I would need and planned for. That plan quickly changed. In fact, I think I’m still technically, partially on maternity leave. I literally don’t know how anyone isn’t even if they do go back to work because when you get home, you don’t have time for anything else. You also don’t want to be doing anything else. These babies cast magic spells on you and you only want to stare at them, hold them, smell them and talk like an insane person to them.

I fell in love with my baby around 9-10 weeks. He stopped scaring me and stopped appearing so fragile. He started smiling and cooing. He smells delicious and I have to actively stop myself from sniffing him. But before that time I was like, we don’t really know each other yet. I’m not one of those women who falls in love with her baby while he’s in the womb or even when they throw him on top of you 6 seconds after he pops out. I need to get to know them first. Although, I do feel like with the second it will be different. Less fearful more welcoming to a familiar journey. I’ll admit I was in total shock the day I went into labor and for over a month after. But now I’m a seasoned vet, I think. I’ll let you know how I feel one day in the future after baby number 2 arrives to see if my prediction was correct. This has just officially turned into the ramblings of a new mom but I’m going to let it be and let it happen. It’s raw and that’s kind of cool to look back on one day. Or maybe I’ll regret it… We’ll find out then.

So below are the photos of Mr. Moon’s nursery wall where his crib lives that he still doesn’t sleep in yet because my husband and I are loving having him in the dock-a-tot, on the bed, in between us. Excellent for our marriage. One day things will be normal again.

Enjoy and thanks for reading xo


Dad’s in charge of the hair, officially and unofficially. I happily handed off that job. Also, who is that completely grown up person CLAIMING to be 3 months old? I just don’t know. Time, chill out.

Life For Now And Always

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Guys. I had a baby. Three months ago today to be exact. When I actually think about the fact that three months has gone by since literally every cell of my life changed, I’m floored. I’ve been contemplating where to go with my next blog post since my last post. Originally I wanted to do a post about my maternity shoot (which feels like it was approximately 68 years ago). But then Mr. Logan Moon arrived and now that feels like old hat. Although those pictures are SO PRECIOUS I’ll always enjoy looking at them and reminiscing the time that we were so excited about the next phase of our lives. I can’t even make a joke here about how naive we were pre sleepless nights because my son is an actual angel who from the second he was born was sleeping like the dead. But that doesn’t mean the adjustments to life with a baby haven’t been REAL because they were and are and always will be through each new phase of his and our lives.

For me the most, giving into the role of new motherhood and leaving behind, temporarily, my business mindset was the hardest part. I feel like my identity has always been a designer slash artist by some nature. My whole life, my happy place was painting and drawing by myself. Music, movies or a tv show going in the background, I was at peace. So when that also became my job, I was in my glory. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a job and deadlines, following trends and finding inspiration are always banging on my door but I’m grateful as hell that I love it so much. SO two weeks after coming home with a shiny new infant and a broken hooha I was like, I’ll go back to work now, yes? NO. Wrong. But that didn’t fully set in for another two weeks. When I then forced myself back into maternity leave. Working for yourself is weird. Having your studio upstairs is even weirder. I had to physically stop myself from walking up those stairs. Difficulty level ten.

But here we are, three months in and maybe getting the hang of it? Who knows. Not me. All I know is life is one long constant adjustment and in between, we should do our best to be mindful of each moment because the phases don’t last. As soon as I realized that (POST worrying that I would never paint again before someone reminded me that one day your babies go to school and you have free time again) I relaxed. And also became sad that one day my baby will go to school. The emotions guys, like a seesaw I swear. Life is fun. Or terrifying? I’ll leave you with that. And a compilation of maternity photos below.

Oh after doing my Instagram story polls (that almost gave me a stroke, THE STRESS) I learned you guys want to see more personal posts. John, Moon and I are going to work on photographing more of our adventures to share with you here. Thanks if you voted and if you didn’t, it’s fine. You’re probably also not reading this to even know that I know that you didn’t vote. Tricky.

My husband is an actual wolf, it’s fine.

Photos: Clean Plate Pictures

Hair: Melissa Price at Visible Changes Hair Group

Makeup: Dominique with Dunique

Dress: Ashley LeMieux