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First off, hello! Thank you for coming by to read my blog. Maybe you’re considering working with me on your wedding suite or any other custom stationery? If that’s the case, this post is definitely for you. The custom design process is different for each designer and I want to use this space to easily lay out a road map of sorts that will explain how our journey will go if you decide to work with me. So let’s begin!

STEP 1: Window shopping. At this point if you haven’t already done so, please do browse my website, instagram or etsy shop to see examples of stationery I have designed in the past. This is the best way to decide if my style suits you. Once it is determined that you want my style for your stationery, we’re on the right track!

STEP 2: The Proposal. At this phase we discuss quantity, items, price, event info (such as venue address, reception time, etc), inspiration images, pinterest boards and all other pretty details. What I’m doing is gathering all the necessary info including the look/style you’re planning for your big day! I will put together an “inspiration board” that has a collection of cohesive images that will represent your style. I put this on the proposal with all your event info and a breakdown of price. Once you look this over and approve, you will sign the contract and send your deposit. Then we are officially in business together, yay!

STEP 3: The Sketch. Now that I have all the details in place, I start sketching ideas for your invite, RSVP, etc. We go back and forth on this as many times as necessary until you are happy and love it! But don’t fret, normally there’s not much back and forth because I am thorough in understanding your vision from the beginning.

STEP 4: The Paint. Now that the drawing is approved, it’s time to paint all the pretty details and really bring this design to life. Since we already have a color palette in place from the inspiration board, I will use that as a guide to execute the design perfectly.

STEP 5A: The Printing. I will collect approval from you via email, that the mailing items are ready to be printed. Once I receive this written consent, we are both sure the items are perfect because there is no going back. If for some reason you need to make a chance, I will charge a fee to reprint the items. I try hard not to let this happen by giving ample time to review and approve!

  • In the event a client prefers to handle printing themselves, we will discuss the details prior to creating the proposal.

STEP 5B: The Mailing. “Mailing items” are invitations, rsvp cards, details cards, map cards, directions cards and envelopes. They are the first items that we complete in order to mail your full suite out in a timely fashion. (This does not mean you requested every one of these items, this is just a list of what they can be). Typically wedding suites are mailed 8 weeks prior to the wedding date unless it’s a destination wedding. Now that your items are being printed, we pick an envelope color that matches your completed design and get them addressed. At this point there are two options to choose from:

  1. I mail: If you decide on calligraphy for your envelopes, normally clients prefer that I handle all the packaging, stamping and mailing for them. In this case it becomes a full service job for you that does incur a small fee. However, with all the stress of planning a wedding, this is usually the best option so you don’t have an added responsibility.
  2. You mail: Some clients prefer to have all the individual “mailing item” components mailed to them (or be picked up if you live local) and they handle addressing envelopes, packaging, stamping and mailing themselves. That’s perfectly fine and it is entirely your choice!

STEP 6: Day of items. If you’ve decided to have your own menu cards, table number cards, escort cards, place cards and/or any signage made for the day of your wedding, we now work on completing these items.

STEP 7: Thank you cards. If you’ve decided you’d like to have thank you cards designed, I will work up the design for you, still staying true to your vision, and print/mail to you as soon as you’d like. Once you have your rsvp cards back we know the final number of cards that you need making this a very simple and final step to our journey together!

I absolutely love all the ideas my clients bring to me, challenging me to bring it to life for them. The stationery that I design for you is intended to be cherished and passed down like an heirloom. The personal touches are what make it all so special. I hope you’ll want to look back on them year after year to reflect on your day and how it was fully and entirely representative of you as a couple. It is your day after all! I encourage all my clients, friends and family to remember this important detail. IT IS YOUR DAY. No one else. If you love your choices, that is the only thing that matters. Enjoy the process, the planning, the stress and finally, the day. It goes so fast and it should be the best time.

Thank you for reading and I hope I inspired you and informed you all at once! Below are some process images so you can see it in action.