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HOW TO Write Your Own Card

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Recently my Nanny, who to clarify is my “grandma” technically but chose the title “Nanny” instead, told me she was afraid to write her own sentiment inside of a card. I asked her why and she said she looks at the blank page and feels intimidated by all the white space and her mind goes blank and she has no idea where to start. Now I know she isn’t the only person who feels this way because people have declined purchasing my cards in the past for that very reason. And I am here to hopefully help you at least try to write your own card and see how it feels with a simple suggestion. 

Write how you feel. It sounds too easy, right? And you might be like but Steph, that’s actually the worst advice ever go away. But I’m not done. Ask yourself, what do I feel when I think of this person? Let’s create an example. 

You’re writing your sibling a birthday card. You guys are in your twenties and spend a decent amount of time together so the memories are recent and they’re vivid. Think of the last time you saw them. Did you have a good talk? Did you laugh? Did you cook dinner together or maybe make a cocktail? Did you watch a movie or discuss one you’d just seen? Overall, did you enjoy your time? Let’s hope yes. Now you can put words on paper..

 “Wishing the happiest birthday to my sister who always makes me laugh while we are cooking random dinners and talking smack about crazy strangers who destroy our lives in the supermarket. The person who makes the best margaritas and has the ability to retell a movie in the absolute most hilarious way. I couldn’t imagine my life without you. You’re the best and you deserve everything and more of those margaritas! If only I could make one for you as well as you do. Looks like you’ll have to do it for us both! I love you forever!” 

Okay so that took me approximately 6 minutes to write. Now if you’re saying to yourself “I don’t have six minutes to write a card,” I ask you sir, why not? I have found that the times I set aside to write my own sentiment to my family and friends, end up being the most peaceful moments of my day. I finish feeling grateful, happy and full of love because I just gave thought to why I appreciate that person so much AND bonus now they’re also going to feel that love and appreciation, which is the best gift you can give someone. Snail mail people. Learn about it. Try it. It’s the damn best. 

I hope you’ll give it a go next time you go to pick out that card with the prewritten message that can apply to just about anyone in the world and will leave very little impact on whoever receives it because it’s not specific to them and their incredible characteristics. If you write them your own message, they might just keep that card forever and read back on it from time to time to feel good. And you could be that feel good reason! 

Here’s an even simpler version of the above example sentiment I wrote, with just as much impact incase maybe that one felt super scary to you first timers…

“Happy birthday to the best margarita maker and my favorite person to talk to. I hope you have the greatest day ever, I love you” 

I would still keep that card because it came from the heart and made me feel happy to read it…now I like need to go learn how to make an excellent margarita. And you need to go practice your card writing skills. We both have work to do so bye. Until the next post! 


Blue Shell

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Blue Shell Crest Details

August 1, 2019

Blue Shell Details

August 1, 2019

Blue Shell Crest

August 1, 2019

Blue Shell Invitation

August 1, 2019

Calligraphy by: Nancy Favorito

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