Hi, I’m Stephanie and I am a paper lover and designer. I currently have 6 different notebooks stacked up next to me, a scrunchie on my wrist and all the painting supplies everywhere. I’m super organized and I love tidy spaces. My notebooks are full of ideas, goals, to do’s and sketches. I honestly don’t think you can ever have enough notebooks which is why I designed my very own that I stare at all day long, sorry for the horn tooting! I just love them and my job. I like to approach life with a sound sense of humor. One that’s light and playful, never offensive and always full of laughter. I run into really hysterical moments with my family and friends that always lead to a new card idea and usually I have to run to my desk and start illustrating immediately. A hermit to my core, I am never more at peace than when I’m designing in my studio.

When I’m designing a card illustration or a new wedding suite, I love to gather inspiration from color, wedding bouquets, home decor style and texture. A quick trip to Target and Anthropologie never hurts to experience some tangible inspiration. When I paint, I want to see the brush strokes and really feel the surface of what I’m painting when I look at the completed piece. I take a light handed approach and really focus on making the colors compliment one another and pop. I love all colors but pink and green always speak to me most. I purposely experiment with new colors to break out of my comfort zone from time to time because I believe life is all about learning and growing. And laughter. Lots of laughter.

I specialize in hand-illustrated paper goods that are amusing + heartwarming. I find the challenge of every custom stationery client to be the most rewarding experience. Bringing their vision to life with my illustrations and setting the tone for their special event is an honor and one that I take very seriously. I’m a firm believer that the small details make the moment in all aspects of life and that’s what I’m here to inspire through my work.

My husband, son and future babies are my why for starting this business and putting everything I have into it. I want my kids to grow up in a world where we see past the limiting norms we’re taught in school and to instead see that there are endless possibilities. We can build our own path and we can thrive and live the best life possible. Because it’s short but it can be incredible if we do our passions right.

I am available for a variety of projects such as freelance design, licensing, textile/ surface design of all kinds, custom stationery and more. Stay up to date on recent projects and follow my journey on the blog and sign up for the newsletter to be informed of only the new and the exciting!

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