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Logan Moon’s 1st Birthday

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My little Moon turned 1 back on February 27th, 2019. I was of course still catching up on post NSS madness so we planned to have his party in April so that we had ample time to plan and enjoy. This little guy’s absolute favorite movie is Coco. If you are living in a hole and haven’t seen this movie, go watch it right now. Like stop reading my blog and put it on. It’s just as much for adults as it is children and even though I’ve seen the thing 100+ times I cry at the end, every single time, without fail. It’s beautiful. So naturally, the theme of his party was Coco / Dia de los muertos. Learning about what this holiday really means has given me a whole new perspective on it. To celebrate life after death and know you’re going to see your family again after passing is just too much for me to handle. It’s everything we could ever want, I think. It’s like taking the scary unknown out of the scary inevitable. My husband and I plan to make this mentality a part of our parenting because hello, I want to be with my babies forever. Duh. Okay I’m crying bye.

Below I’ve put together a few images from our very hectic, very fun day. I setup some sweet, festive decor for the big day and my husband took care of the delicious food at his Brewery where the party was held. Because beer and one year olds go together. We won’t be having a soirée there again so soon because it’s due time for John to finally enjoy a party and not work it but he does do a great job and it shows!

Some random thoughts and facts about the photos below:

  1. I don’t even think anyone knew why we were doing a Day of the dead themed party BECAUSE I obviously dressed Logan like the main character, Miguel, from the movie in a red hoodie and jeans BUT it was sweltering hot on this day and so the hoodie didn’t last so he was just a baby in jeans and a onesie. #basic
  2. I made this flower crown all by myself and I’m so proud but of course never got a good shot of it SO you’ll see a very misplaced photo of my dear friend Alex putting on Logan’s shoe while I hold him and it’s really only here so you can see the other side of the crown. You’re welcome and also thanks for looking.
  3. The red middle lantern fell down from the ceiling twenty minutes into the party and I had agita EVERY. TIME. I looked in that direction and saw the gaping hole. Did anyone else notice? No. I’m sure not. But people are invalids. Lol jk
  4. Logan normally likes people a lot but I think maybe this was just a little too much for him. I mean from these photos you don’t know but there were 60-70 people at this party so him sitting on the floor alone crying is just an accurate rendition of how he was feeling for the entire beginning being stared at by strangers. And it’s also how we all feel even as adults, admit it.

And now you may view the gallery.


You may have noticed as the pictures progressed Logan’s eyes grew more and more sleepy. In the last photo he has cake under one eye and they’re barely open and that is what we call success. Tired cake face.

Thanks for reading! xx


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First off, hello! Thank you for coming by to read my blog. Maybe you’re considering working with me on your wedding suite or any other custom stationery? If that’s the case, this post is definitely for you. The custom design process is different for each designer and I want to use this space to easily lay out a road map of sorts that will explain how our journey will go if you decide to work with me. So let’s begin!

STEP 1: Window shopping. At this point if you haven’t already done so, please do browse my website, instagram or etsy shop to see examples of stationery I have designed in the past. This is the best way to decide if my style suits you. Once it is determined that you want my style for your stationery, we’re on the right track!

STEP 2: The Proposal. At this phase we discuss quantity, items, price, event info (such as venue address, reception time, etc), inspiration images, pinterest boards and all other pretty details. What I’m doing is gathering all the necessary info including the look/style you’re planning for your big day! I will put together an “inspiration board” that has a collection of cohesive images that will represent your style. I put this on the proposal with all your event info and a breakdown of price. Once you look this over and approve, you will sign the contract and send your deposit. Then we are officially in business together, yay!

STEP 3: The Sketch. Now that I have all the details in place, I start sketching ideas for your invite, RSVP, etc. We go back and forth on this as many times as necessary until you are happy and love it! But don’t fret, normally there’s not much back and forth because I am thorough in understanding your vision from the beginning.

STEP 4: The Paint. Now that the drawing is approved, it’s time to paint all the pretty details and really bring this design to life. Since we already have a color palette in place from the inspiration board, I will use that as a guide to execute the design perfectly.

STEP 5A: The Printing. I will collect approval from you via email, that the mailing items are ready to be printed. Once I receive this written consent, we are both sure the items are perfect because there is no going back. If for some reason you need to make a chance, I will charge a fee to reprint the items. I try hard not to let this happen by giving ample time to review and approve!

  • In the event a client prefers to handle printing themselves, we will discuss the details prior to creating the proposal.

STEP 5B: The Mailing. “Mailing items” are invitations, rsvp cards, details cards, map cards, directions cards and envelopes. They are the first items that we complete in order to mail your full suite out in a timely fashion. (This does not mean you requested every one of these items, this is just a list of what they can be). Typically wedding suites are mailed 8 weeks prior to the wedding date unless it’s a destination wedding. Now that your items are being printed, we pick an envelope color that matches your completed design and get them addressed. At this point there are two options to choose from:

  1. I mail: If you decide on calligraphy for your envelopes, normally clients prefer that I handle all the packaging, stamping and mailing for them. In this case it becomes a full service job for you that does incur a small fee. However, with all the stress of planning a wedding, this is usually the best option so you don’t have an added responsibility.
  2. You mail: Some clients prefer to have all the individual “mailing item” components mailed to them (or be picked up if you live local) and they handle addressing envelopes, packaging, stamping and mailing themselves. That’s perfectly fine and it is entirely your choice!

STEP 6: Day of items. If you’ve decided to have your own menu cards, table number cards, escort cards, place cards and/or any signage made for the day of your wedding, we now work on completing these items.

STEP 7: Thank you cards. If you’ve decided you’d like to have thank you cards designed, I will work up the design for you, still staying true to your vision, and print/mail to you as soon as you’d like. Once you have your rsvp cards back we know the final number of cards that you need making this a very simple and final step to our journey together!

I absolutely love all the ideas my clients bring to me, challenging me to bring it to life for them. The stationery that I design for you is intended to be cherished and passed down like an heirloom. The personal touches are what make it all so special. I hope you’ll want to look back on them year after year to reflect on your day and how it was fully and entirely representative of you as a couple. It is your day after all! I encourage all my clients, friends and family to remember this important detail. IT IS YOUR DAY. No one else. If you love your choices, that is the only thing that matters. Enjoy the process, the planning, the stress and finally, the day. It goes so fast and it should be the best time.

Thank you for reading and I hope I inspired you and informed you all at once! Below are some process images so you can see it in action.

The Man Next To The Woman

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I’m not really a feminist, guys. I’m not not a feminist though, either. That topic is way too heavy and broad to get into here. But I do feel strongly about equality in most things between genders. Especially in marriages. And mutual respect is a must. I definitely found that with my husband, John. Which is why this post is all about him. I couldn’t be pursuing this creative dream without his indefinite support. I love him. Despite him being the most annoying, hyper, high pitch singing, crazy outfit (that somehow always look cool) wearing man ever. He has the biggest heart underneath all of those ridiculous qualities. And that’s what counts. So to celebrate the man with the bun, we had a photoshoot on Father’s Day. As we like to do for most of our outings. But this time I was in almost none of the photos. ALMOST none. I mean, I want to be remembered at this thing too, ya know? 

So we found another amazing farm only 40 minutes outside of Rockland County. Every time I think, ”what’s it like to live somewhere else?” I’m stopped by a brand new and amazing adventure just outside of my little world. This gem is called Blooming Hill Farm. We went per my husband’s request for Father’s Day and I looked upon it as a “practice photography” day. If you didn’t already know, I’m super uncomfortable in front of the camera and totally prefer being behind it most of the time. But I will continue to force myself on that front end so I can have these memories to look back on. Anyway, I think maybe I’m a photographer now? Lol. I’m kidding, I’m not. But maybe I am. I barely know how to edit and what’s lighting? But I had a ball taking pictures of John and Logan at the farm. You can see all of them below.

Fun story – John is a restaurant owner in town but before he was part owner of said restaurants, he was just a kid working in a pizza shop. He there learned how to make pizzas and was pretty awesome at it. Before I even knew of John’s existence, my mom and grandparents would always go to this pizza place, Cicero’s, and order their food from him. My mom thought he was so cute and sweet. I was probably 11 at this point and knew none of this. Also boys were still gross. (For those of you who don’t know, I’m a few years younger than John. Just a few. I’m really mature and he’s secretly 18. Or Benjamin Button. We’re still trying to figure it out) Fast forward a few years, maybe a decade, who’s counting, and in front of this pizza place is where John and I had our first kiss and where I trapped him for the rest of his life. He had no idea what he was getting himself into with that one, innocent kiss. Welcome to a lifetime, bun. And that’s a small story about fate and romance and shit.

Reason for above story – At the farm they make brick oven pizzas. The original building where it all started for them is called “The Pizza Hut”, which was really cool to photograph John in front of due to him being my O.G. pizza guy. I forced him into the doorway and said “do something” while I snapped a picture. Still working on my photography bedside manner.

Oh P.S. his nickname is NOT “bun” because of his hair. This nickname developed yearssss ago because, well I’ll just say it, he has a great butt. So I would always say “check out those buns” and alas, a nickname was born. Okay bye.

Enjoy the pics and thanks for reading, xo

*Note, Logan is currently putting almost everything into his mouth all the time and sometimes chokes himself by accident because he is a baby and doesn’t know better don’t make fun of him and so here is that happening with my finger. And the one sneaky picture of me.

I’ll be excepting all photography bookings at farms only… *Is she serious or joking, who knows*

2017 Wedding Recap

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FINALLY I am recapping some of my favorite 2017 wedding client photos! There were so many beautiful pictures it was very difficult to narrow down so I could fit everything in here without it being an actual saga. Gotta keep these sweet and simple to make the people beg for more ( I know no one is begging, let a girl dream). Enjoy these breathtaking wedding moments and details.

Ashley & Tim 2017

Inns of Aurora

Photographer: Thompson Photography Group

A gorgeous, etherial wedding with an outdoor ceremony and all the pretty bohemian details while remaining timeless. Such a pleasure to work with them on this suite! Make sure to read their love story in the image below, too cute. One of my favorite pieces at a wedding because it’s interactive and guests can enjoy learning more about the couple. Wish I had thought of it for mine! There would have been an illustration of french fries and hot sauce… story for another blog post…Back to Ashley and Tim!



Kylie & Steve 2017

Highlands Country Club

Event Styling /Planning: Jack & Grace Events

Photographer: Ciro Photography

This wedding had SO many amazing details I could barely narrow down which photos to showcase! Just drop dead gorgeous everything. A ceremony in front of a barn, a dinner room fit for ROYALTY and picture frame photo props? Goodbye, I have died and gone to wedding heaven. Stunning couple and the sweetest to work with!


How gorgeous are these people? The most. Stay tuned for the next post with 2017 baby shower recaps!

Le Petit Crest

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Le Petit Crest

June 2, 2018

Le Petit Crest Envelope

June 2, 2018

Le Petit Crest Info / Map Card

June 2, 2018

Le Petit Crest Invitation

June 2, 2018

Calligraphy by: Nancy Favorito

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Woodland Barn

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Woodland Barn

June 2, 2018

Woodland Barn Envelope

June 2, 2018

Woodland Barn RSVP

June 2, 2018

Woodland Barn Invitation

June 2, 2018

Calligraphy by: Nancy Favorito

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Moon’s Nursery Wall

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Okay so the first 2 months with a newborn were mental mayhem. Hi, we’re jumping right into things. I will dive further into this combination of words, “mental mayhem.” I just did not know what was going on. Things were easy but they were also extremely hard. That part I might not be able to explain. First off, I of course got our nursery wall together months in advance. I wanted everything to be organized and ready for me once I came home with this new life. And not only organized, but pretty. This adorable wall you’ll see below is in our bedroom so that room is full to the brim. We love it though, truly. ( * searches zillow for bigger house * ) Back to the mayhem. It’s like, when you’re in the hospital, you learn how to properly feed, change, bathe and hold a brand new baby. So you come home and keep on doing those things which are essentially, easy. Instinct kicks in and you just keep doing stuff you didn’t know you knew. But you’re also so tired and not sure why the days are going so fast when you’re doing so much nothing. In all honesty it took me that first 2 months entirely to start to feel human again. 6 weeks is in no way a long enough maternity leave. Yes, I know I work for myself but that was the amount of time I thought I would need and planned for. That plan quickly changed. In fact, I think I’m still technically, partially on maternity leave. I literally don’t know how anyone isn’t even if they do go back to work because when you get home, you don’t have time for anything else. You also don’t want to be doing anything else. These babies cast magic spells on you and you only want to stare at them, hold them, smell them and talk like an insane person to them.

I fell in love with my baby around 9-10 weeks. He stopped scaring me and stopped appearing so fragile. He started smiling and cooing. He smells delicious and I have to actively stop myself from sniffing him. But before that time I was like, we don’t really know each other yet. I’m not one of those women who falls in love with her baby while he’s in the womb or even when they throw him on top of you 6 seconds after he pops out. I need to get to know them first. Although, I do feel like with the second it will be different. Less fearful more welcoming to a familiar journey. I’ll admit I was in total shock the day I went into labor and for over a month after. But now I’m a seasoned vet, I think. I’ll let you know how I feel one day in the future after baby number 2 arrives to see if my prediction was correct. This has just officially turned into the ramblings of a new mom but I’m going to let it be and let it happen. It’s raw and that’s kind of cool to look back on one day. Or maybe I’ll regret it… We’ll find out then.

So below are the photos of Mr. Moon’s nursery wall where his crib lives that he still doesn’t sleep in yet because my husband and I are loving having him in the dock-a-tot, on the bed, in between us. Excellent for our marriage. One day things will be normal again.

Enjoy and thanks for reading xo


Dad’s in charge of the hair, officially and unofficially. I happily handed off that job. Also, who is that completely grown up person CLAIMING to be 3 months old? I just don’t know. Time, chill out.

Life For Now And Always

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Guys. I had a baby. Three months ago today to be exact. When I actually think about the fact that three months has gone by since literally every cell of my life changed, I’m floored. I’ve been contemplating where to go with my next blog post since my last post. Originally I wanted to do a post about my maternity shoot (which feels like it was approximately 68 years ago). But then Mr. Logan Moon arrived and now that feels like old hat. Although those pictures are SO PRECIOUS I’ll always enjoy looking at them and reminiscing the time that we were so excited about the next phase of our lives. I can’t even make a joke here about how naive we were pre sleepless nights because my son is an actual angel who from the second he was born was sleeping like the dead. But that doesn’t mean the adjustments to life with a baby haven’t been REAL because they were and are and always will be through each new phase of his and our lives.

For me the most, giving into the role of new motherhood and leaving behind, temporarily, my business mindset was the hardest part. I feel like my identity has always been a designer slash artist by some nature. My whole life, my happy place was painting and drawing by myself. Music, movies or a tv show going in the background, I was at peace. So when that also became my job, I was in my glory. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a job and deadlines, following trends and finding inspiration are always banging on my door but I’m grateful as hell that I love it so much. SO two weeks after coming home with a shiny new infant and a broken hooha I was like, I’ll go back to work now, yes? NO. Wrong. But that didn’t fully set in for another two weeks. When I then forced myself back into maternity leave. Working for yourself is weird. Having your studio upstairs is even weirder. I had to physically stop myself from walking up those stairs. Difficulty level ten.

But here we are, three months in and maybe getting the hang of it? Who knows. Not me. All I know is life is one long constant adjustment and in between, we should do our best to be mindful of each moment because the phases don’t last. As soon as I realized that (POST worrying that I would never paint again before someone reminded me that one day your babies go to school and you have free time again) I relaxed. And also became sad that one day my baby will go to school. The emotions guys, like a seesaw I swear. Life is fun. Or terrifying? I’ll leave you with that. And a compilation of maternity photos below.

Oh after doing my Instagram story polls (that almost gave me a stroke, THE STRESS) I learned you guys want to see more personal posts. John, Moon and I are going to work on photographing more of our adventures to share with you here. Thanks if you voted and if you didn’t, it’s fine. You’re probably also not reading this to even know that I know that you didn’t vote. Tricky.

My husband is an actual wolf, it’s fine.

Photos: Clean Plate Pictures

Hair: Melissa Price at Visible Changes Hair Group

Makeup: Dominique with Dunique

Dress: Ashley LeMieux






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I of course, planned and decorated my own baby shower. That might sound crazy to some people but I think it’s impossible to be a creative being and not be hands on for this kind of celebration. Not only did I envision the theme of my shower around my son’s middle name but I had a second shower theme planned in my mind 6 months ago incase it was a girl, revolving around her middle name. (Keeping that a secret incase one day we have a little baby girl, too). Type A personality here, nice to meet you. Although I definitely have some type B traits, the event planning part of my brain does NOT fall into that category whatsoever. So due to this really fun trait, I did it all. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. First of all, I love the idea that every person who I want to come and celebrate with me, gets to show up and just enjoy. I think I would feel guilty making them do the work. But fine I’ll be honest, I just have to execute every detail exactly as I want and there’s few people who I think could bring that vision to life. Control freak. So who better than me and John? At the end of the day, after the days and hours of work and stress, it’s so rewarding to see it all come to life. Worth it. (NOTE* THIS IS NOT SOMETHING I RECOMMEND DOING FOR YOUR OWN WEDDING. FIND VENDORS WHO CAN DO IT FOR YOU! SMALL GATHERINGS ONLY!) Sorry for screaming. I just feel really strongly about that.

Below I’ve compiled some of my favorite shots from what we we’re calling our “baby moon bash” because the party ended up being kind of huge and it was not your traditional shower. Obviously. Because we are not very traditional. We like to create our own path. Even if it’s slightly insane and definitely unusual. We welcome anyone who wants to join us down this strange but exciting and modern road (my opinion).

The invitation and other paper goods were all designed in the theme of a woodland night sky. Lots of blue watercolor wash details and hand lettering. I don’t always do hand lettering since I’m not technically trained in calligraphy, so I save it for the whimsical and bohemian style stationery items where I think it’s better suited for its freer look. Of course there was a little watercolor fox/wolf family on the invitation as well because I couldn’t resist the cuteness of a little animal in there somewhere. We did after all get the name Logan PARTIALLY from the movie Wolverine (John’s fave…I like it too). Next to the stationery, the second most important detail to me was the photo backdrop. I envisioned this setup with big white paper lantern stars, macrame, greenery and a hand painted, hand lettered sign saying “Love you bigger than the moon.” Shocker, I know. So that took some time to execute properly and then actually set up but I’m so happy with how it turned out (pictured below). In my mind this was the focal point of the party (next to the dessert display because, cake). And I couldn’t have done any of it without help from my shower elves. My brother, sister and her boyfriend. Greatest little team ever. *John setup the “big picture” stuff like, the entire restaurant. NBD. That’s why we make a great team. He does the big details and I do the small details. We’re having a baby guys, we’re really in love right now so the sappiness has only just begun. Sorry, kinda. 

It turned out to be quite the bash. Live music performed by local artist Dan Lopez, really set a fun tone. Phenomenal buffet spread from one of John’s restaurants, Cicero’s. And to die for cupcakes and custom cake by local bakery Caked Up. We like to shop small and support local incase that wasn’t just made obvious. ALSO I had my makeup done by my friend, neighbor and local artist Dominique Zebrowski (her brand is “Dunique” and she’s amazing). AND my hair was done by Melissa Price from Visible Changes Hair Group who are also local! I know I know you get it, I love the talent in my town. I’ll stop now. 

You can see what a bash it was below with these awesome pictures taken by Christina Anthony Photography!

The end. JK it hasn’t even begun yet. We’re still awaiting the arrival of this little moon baby! I know it’s weird that we call him “Moon” and not “Logan” and no we are not going to change his name to “Moon” it’s just way cuter to think of him as a little moon while he’s currently residing inside of my uterus. Run on sentence, it’s fine. Thanks for reading!

Wild Baby

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