The Life Saving Circle

By July 16, 2019Blog

Okay so, the “Quadrant of Importance and Urgency.” This little diagram is courtesy of my therapist after I recently expressed that I’m constantly torn between all of my priorities. Which I was quickly informed are not all actually, a priority. Some of them are just things I’d like to do at some point in time. Not important and not urgent OR important but not urgent. Since this was semi mind blowing for me I figured I can’t be the only one confused, right? If I’m wrong, just lie to me.

This concept covers pretty much everyone no matter what your days look like. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur, a CEO and on and on, you can benefit from changing the way you view that mental to do list. Also what feels better than looking back on your day and actually feeling good about what you did instead of being mad at yourself that you also didn’t clean underneath your couch? (that’s an example of #4, not urgent and not important even though you really might think it is, your therapist will tell you that it is not and she is right BECAUSE the other things on your list like turn in your old plates to DMV and get a long overdue physical, matter more. Because the law and health).

I’m going to send over two great printables with the quadrant diagram to everyone who signs up for my newsletter on my homepage! I’d love to hear how you feel about it once you’ve tried it. There are so many helpful tips and tricks out there these days that sometimes it feels overwhelming to choose a path so I realize you might be like, why do I need this on top of everything else in the world to get organized? Well, you might not. But if you find yourself staring at your to do list, wondering where to start and how you’ll ever get through it all that day, then this is for you. Maybe you use it to map out your whole week. Weekdays you do all the important and urgent tasks and on the weekends you can tackle a few of the not so important and urgent tasks.

Below are the 4 quadrants and a brief description of how to identify each…

  1. Important + urgent: health or legal matters first, then any time sensitive responsibilities
  2. Important + not urgent: finances, certain business /work related tasks
  3. Urgent + not important: things that are a close waste of time, such as reorganizing your bookshelf or spice cabinet
  4. Not urgent + not important: things that are a complete waste of time, such as scrolling instagram? any takers?

And now for some photos of this diagram in action. And don’t forget to sign up on my homepage to get the printable! You can print two blank diagrams on one page and cut it in half to use twice and even clip it into a notebook as part of your list making ritual. I know I’m a notebook nerd but if you join me, you won’t be disappointed. Us notebook nerds also eat a lot of cupcakes, perks of the club.