Inside The Studio

By April 2, 2017Blog

Well I spent a decent amount of time getting my studio “picture ready” because as organized as I may be, things still looked sort of disarrayed. And I can’t have that. We’re having company (whoever is reading this and looking at the photos, you are the company).

Welcome to my studio, located in the loft of the town house I share with my lovely husband and two cats in the Hudson Valley. There is a wall of mostly windows that lets in some nice light, especially in the late afternoon since it’s a western facing window (I think; pretending to know solstice stuff, is that even a word? god help me). I’ve basically lined the walls with tables to work at and storage underneath because over the years I have accumulated quite a few supplies/decor. I have two printers and one scanner. One Mac desktop and one laptop (Apple always for me). Four tables, one closet with lots of shelves that we bad built for, you guessed it, more storage. And a cubby system along the wall under the windows. That is the most recent addition and I love what it allows. I can now stack all my nonsense in these cubbies and no matter what is in there, everything still looks neat. Neatness = sanity in this house. I have a million mugs and jars where I organize all the things. Paintbrushes, thumb tacks, paper clips, pencils, pens, scissors, sharpies, chalk markers, the list goes on. Three tiered paper organizers, crates of paint and of course endless places to put all my drawings and paintings.

Last summer we had a handy friend build the shelves over my main work space where the desktop is (see photos below). We used piping from home depot and cut and stained wood for the shelves. I always have ideas like this but I’m not equipped to actually do the building myself yet. Goals for the future. Very happy with how it turned out and actually used the same idea to build shelves in my laundry closet over the machines and in the bathroom.

Right now I have three plants in my office, soon to be four when my husband hangs my latest in front of the window. Hanging plants from the ceiling is as handy as either of us gets. We can paint walls too but I mean, who can’t do that. In total there are like 70 plants in my house and still not enough. With summer approaching I cannot wait to get my herb plants going again. Being an adult is all about getting excited in the home depot plant section and feeling proud when you turn down a cupcake, one day out of the week.

I feel very lucky that this well lit space is available to me so that I have the flexibility to work from home. Sometimes I feel envious reading about other creatives who get up super early and work a normal 8-6 day and then have evenings with their families. But I know myself and I’m a night owl. Working from home allows me to spend my mornings getting the house together, running errands and on good mornings having breakfast with my husband. Then I can start my work day around 12 and go well into the evening. I’m definitely a bit of a workaholic but I think you have to be when you’re building something. And that’s what is happening up in this little loft. I’m trying to build a great stationery business. I hope soon I can look back on this blog post and say to myself “you did it.” For now though, I feel lucky and inspired.

I hope you enjoy this mini tour through my studio. I added in a few photos from other spots in my house where I recently set up pretty decor. Mostly consisting of plants. Obviously. And on most days, I am accompanied by two cuties named Jade, the oreo and Luna, the gray.



























I like designing my spaces with unexpected items. A mix of modern and vintage. And always small details like the vintage food cans that I sometimes use as vases, the antique seltzer bottles that I bounce around rooms of the house depending on the season and the little wooden mushrooms from terrain. Those are my favorite and I have 5 of them. Above is a little taste of that but it’s always changing. Especially my dining room table. That’s the spot where I can constantly play with new table-scapes. And if you’ve made it this far congratulations! Below is your April desktop calendar!

Desktop / iPone