Less Stress, What?

By July 5, 2019Blog

My chiropractor once told me that taking small trips and getaways every month or two is one of the best things you can do to bring stress levels down. It may seem counterproductive at first. Why would I leave my huge, endless, sky high to do list to go take a trip before tackling my responsibilities and making that list smaller first? The answer is because that list never gets shorter or smaller or less. It just grows and grows, especially as a working adult, parent and/or a business owner. So you ask again, why are we taking these small getaways every couple of months? The first answer is to remind you why you’re alive. We have to be a little selfish in this lifetime otherwise what on earth are we even doing here? (- direct quote from my therapist who is also, the smartest). And by “here” I mean in this universe. But that’s as far into that as I’ll go right now because if I keep digging into our existence I will have an existential meltdown and no one wants that. SO are we just working until we die? I don’t want that, thank you very much. And don’t take that to mean that I don’t love my work or the doing of the actual work because I truly do. But I also have a husband and a son who I love to spend time with and I’ve noticed when I do it outside of our normal surroundings, it’s exponentially better and makes my work days that much more productive. 

Now let’s take this trip. We pack up all the things we only really NEED to get through a day or two and we go sleep in a different room and bed and we eat new, delicious food. (If you don’t know, food is one of the main reasons I travel or leave my house at all). And we get to focus on just each other and having fun. It’s. The. Best. My chiropractor is always right and I’m not even annoyed about it. He also fixed my spine after years of carrying heavy art supplies around the city as a student at FIT and sleeping on a heating pad every night which, spoiler alert, is not a cure. I am now a fully functioning, mostly back pain free human. I still have a million pound baby I carry around so, things can get sore periodically. Cue my massage therapist. Therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists are the trio goal here. Find yourself those people and you’ll see a massive difference in your health. Plus the trips. I’ll probably keep adding in little tidbits I learn from all three of these gurus in my future blogs because I love sharing what I learn.

So where is our favorite place to take a quick getaway trip? In the summer, my family LOVES taking a drive down to Asbury Beach and staying in the Asbury Hotel. This place is fairly new, super cute, has trivia on Tuesday nights, is 2 blocks from the beach and 3 from our FAVORITE restaurant, Porta AND has a bowling alley and diner right behind it. PLUS there’s a boardwalk with all kinds of cute coffee shops, playa bowl cafe’s, shops, incredible murals lining the buildings, a small sprinkler park for the kids, like do I need to go on? So in a nutshell it is the PERFECT getaway from June-August. We hop in the car with one suitcase and all the beach things and arrive in one hour and fifteen minutes, give or take. If that’s not fast, I don’t know what is. Five stars, highly recommend, you all need to go and report back to me on HOW DELICIOUS the pomodoro pasta is at Porta. I know I’ve done a lot of screaming in this post which is how YOU KNOW I’m pumped about Asbury. I wish they would pay me to be their spokesperson because I think I’m great at it? Agree? No? Okay.

FIVE TIPS for planning a quick getaway:

  1. Choose a place you can drive to so there’s not much time wasted in traveling to get there. If you live near a city, just grab a hotel in a fun area for a night or two. As long as you change up your surroundings, it doesn’t matter how far you go!
  2. Make reservations! If you’re going to a busy area, do some research in advance on where to eat so that you don’t waste time waiting to be sat on your precious, short, quick getaway. Nobody wants to be hangry. OR just show up at 5pm like we do and beat the rush. #lifewithababy amirite?
  3. Try on outfits BEFORE you pack so you really are only packing what you want to wear to lighten the load! Lighter travel bags = happy family. Especially with heavy babies!
  4. Pro tip: tidy up the house BEFORE you leave for said trip. Even though my husband hates me for doing it, we come home to a clean space and that blissful vacation feeling doesn’t have to vanish the second you look at a sink full of nasty dishes. Ya welcome.
  5. Map out how you’ll tackle your to do list when you return. Maybe that’s getting extra childcare help that week or pushing a few “non urgent” tasks back a bit while you focus on the important and urgent ones! < That’s actually just life advice right there courtesy of, you guessed it, my therapist. I just love her.

Now you can see for yourself why we love this place so much. I mean, look how happy we are! Those are real smiles. I don’t fake how I feel. Physically can’t and won’t do it.





And those were some snaps of us, my sister, Ali and her talented photographer boyfriend who took most of these photos,  Gregory Tavani < click to see his site and/or contact him for some of your very own fun family photos! Also, when did Logan become a full time model?

Okay and below is a throwback photo from our time in Asbury LAST SUMMER when Logan was a peanut. The cuteness.