Let’s Brunch

By April 14, 2017Blog

Spring has sprung. According to the calendar. Mother Nature hasn’t arrived to the party just yet. But I have faith she’ll be here soon with fresh spring blooms and a warm sun. As soon as mid march approaches I start to get really excited for outdoor activities, weekend adventures and summer planning.

The last couple of years I have talked about hiking. Growing up and living in the Hudson valley area you would think I was born with hiking boots on and a great sense of direction but unfortunately, I was blessed with neither of those things. However, I see so many people posting pictures from their hike-scapades (made up word, yes) and I feel envious and inspired. Being in a creative field in the modern day means we designers spend most of our time on a computer. And I love my computer and doing work on it but sometimes I forget what air smells like. Like real air. The outside, straight from a tree, unfiltered air. I live probably fifteen minutes from Hook mountain in the beautiful town of Nyack. I’ve been told it’s a nice beginners hiking ground. I also live 40 minutes from the bear mountain bridge, which brings you across to the even prettier towns of Cold Spring and Beacon where endless hiking trails exist. So really there’s no excuse for me to not have hiked yet. I’m adding it to my page of “goals” in my notes right now.

The outdoor activities I do partake in consist of exploring and eating my way through new towns and cities. I of course and obviously enjoy these adventures accompanied normally by my husband but I also feel refreshed and inspired by them. I’ve noticed lately that a lot of my artwork is inspired by lifestyle and events. Therefore I need to really take advantage this spring, summer and the warm part of fall, to see as much as I can and take lots of pictures to keep me company in my loft while I hermit out aka work for hours on end.

Now one of my all time fave activities when the weather gets nice is to brunch. I think “brunch” should be a verb. Because it is a literal activity. You first go to the place where you will have said brunch. Then you sit down with significant other, friends, mom, sister, whoever. All the while in your mind thinking “I’m brunching.” Even though so far all you did was what one might describe as, meeting someone for a meal, it’s different. You’re mentally preparing to have a brunch cocktail. You’re also gearing up for a brunch meal. And a brunch meal is unlike any other meal. Because there are no rules. You can have standard breakfast items such as eggs and bacon or you can have some really creative concoctions that only a true chef can create like Chocolate Babka French Toast (from Hudson Hills in Cold Spring) with a side of Bellini. Brunch excitement is endless and no one will judge you if you sit at that table for hours. And I mean hours. If you go out to dinner, you’re expected to sit for anywhere between 1-2 hours. And then maybe you move to the bar to extend your evening. But for brunch you can glue your tush to that chair for 3 even 4 hours if you please. Brunch is just a time let me tell you.

So in honor of warm weather being right around the corner, I encourage you to grab your calendars and call your people to plan a brunch. Better yet, if you want to be really cute about it, send them a card and make it a real old school gathering. Make it feel fancy like a private event for just you, your favorite people and lots of food.

Also, incase you didn’t catch on, the above passion I have clearly displayed for brunch is what inspired one of my latest card designs. Like I said, lifestyle and events. And brunch is both a way of life AND an event. Gorgeous.

My FAVORITE Hudson Valley brunch spots:

1. 14 & Hudson : http://www.14andhudson.com * THE SWEET CHILI & BLACK PEPPER WINGS, KALE & QUINOA SALAD

2. Jane’s Cafe : http://www.jane.cafe * THE COFFEE, TEA AND WAFFLES

3. Hudson Hils Cafe & Market : http://www.hudsonhils.com * THE BEEF HASH & EGGS, CHOCOLATE BABKA FRENCH TOAST

4. The Cookery : https://www.thecookeryrestaurant.com *ALWAYS CHANGING, ALWAYS EXCITING