Logan Moon’s 1st Birthday

By April 15, 2019Blog

My little Moon turned 1 back on February 27th, 2019. I was of course still catching up on post NSS madness so we planned to have his party in April so that we had ample time to plan and enjoy. This little guy’s absolute favorite movie is Coco. If you are living in a hole and haven’t seen this movie, go watch it right now. Like stop reading my blog and put it on. It’s just as much for adults as it is children and even though I’ve seen the thing 100+ times I cry at the end, every single time, without fail. It’s beautiful. So naturally, the theme of his party was Coco / Dia de los muertos. Learning about what this holiday really means has given me a whole new perspective on it. To celebrate life after death and know you’re going to see your family again after passing is just too much for me to handle. It’s everything we could ever want, I think. It’s like taking the scary unknown out of the scary inevitable. My husband and I plan to make this mentality a part of our parenting because hello, I want to be with my babies forever. Duh. Okay I’m crying bye.

Below I’ve put together a few images from our very hectic, very fun day. I setup some sweet, festive decor for the big day and my husband took care of the delicious food at his Brewery where the party was held. Because beer and one year olds go together. We won’t be having a soirĂ©e there again so soon because it’s due time for John to finally enjoy a party and not work it but he does do a great job and it shows!

Some random thoughts and facts about the photos below:

  1. I don’t even think anyone knew why we were doing a Day of the dead themed party BECAUSE I obviously dressed Logan like the main character, Miguel, from the movie in a red hoodie and jeans BUT it was sweltering hot on this day and so the hoodie didn’t last so he was just a baby in jeans and a onesie. #basic
  2. I made this flower crown all by myself and I’m so proud but of course never got a good shot of it SO you’ll see a very misplaced photo of my dear friend Alex putting on Logan’s shoe while I hold him and it’s really only here so you can see the other side of the crown. You’re welcome and also thanks for looking.
  3. The red middle lantern fell down from the ceiling twenty minutes into the party and I had agita EVERY. TIME. I looked in that direction and saw the gaping hole. Did anyone else notice? No. I’m sure not. But people are invalids. Lol jk
  4. Logan normally likes people a lot but I think maybe this was just a little too much for him. I mean from these photos you don’t know but there were 60-70 people at this party so him sitting on the floor alone crying is just an accurate rendition of how he was feeling for the entire beginning being stared at by strangers. And it’s also how we all feel even as adults, admit it.

And now you may view the gallery.


You may have noticed as the pictures progressed Logan’s eyes grew more and more sleepy. In the last photo he has cake under one eye and they’re barely open and that is what we call success. Tired cake face.

Thanks for reading! xx