Mother’s Deserve More Than a Day

By April 27, 2017Blog

The retail calendar is always a few steps ahead of the everyday, regular calendar. Which I have to say is an adjustment for me. I literally have to start thinking about Christmas in a couple of months. So strange. So about 4 weeks ago, I was already in Mother’s Day mode, thinking of card designs and gift ideas for this holiday. I’m going to share a bit of my process here for coming up with new card designs.

Since I like to illustrate a sweet and playful image for a lot of my cards to tell a sort of visual story, step 1 is to do a lot of reflecting and thinking. Especially for Mother’s Day. Now that I’m practically all grown up (most would say I’m totally grown up but I’m trying to be in slight denial about that, so shut up and thank you), I like to look back to my childhood memories. I feel very lucky when I think back because I was raised by a mother who encouraged play time and using your imagination. Mom was always down to set up a craft of some sort and from a very young age I was always excited to make something. Whether it be coloring books and crayons or playing barbies and using stickers to put “art” on the walls of barbie’s house (and apartment which doubled as my closet), bored wasn’t a word I knew. I actually very rarely am bored even now when I’m alone because I learned how to have fun on my own and all I needed was my imagination. And a mom who let me turn my closet into actual living quarters for my inanimate toys. This is a valuable lesson she taught me without even realizing, that I will surely carry through to my children one day.

As I grew older, playtime lessened, naturally and other activities came into the picture. Such as dance. I had danced from age 3-8 as most little girls did and maybe still do. And then we moved and I was afraid to join dance again because I didn’t know anyone. But my mom made me do it and at the time I was SO MAD. Like livid. I definitely didn’t know that word at age 10 but if I did I would have for sure used it. Note to self, don’t teach kids big words too young or they’ll outsmart you and that’s scary as hell. Keep them silly for as long as possible. Within a few short months I was happy to be a part of the dance classes. A wisdom my mom had that I now look back on gratefully.

I could go on and on with positive, healthy memories because growing up my mom made very intuitive choices for her kids. There was a balance between work and play. She was always there to answer a question, assist with homework, help us with the easy bake oven, feed us a well balanced meal, show us how to do laundry, etc etc. I learned it all from my mom, with gentle encouragement and great support. She delicately and without my knowing, taught me to fly right out of the nest, confidently. I am eternally grateful for my childhood. That’s where it all begins after all and when we become adults, those years are the building blocks to how we will proceed on our own, as we should.

I’m sure you all have inspiring and warm memories of your childhoods and can say the same about your moms. Every mom has a style and to each their own. Is there a right or wrong way? I don’t think so. What matters most is that they pass down their knowledge and allow us to build upon what we learn from them. And that’s what I’ve had and have and I’m thankful. 

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