Summer 2017 Events & New Products, Hooray!

By June 29, 2017Blog

This summer I’ve had the chance to try my hand at some more event design, my second love. From time to time I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to assist Paula Woods, owner of 14 & Hudson AND event stylist extraordinaire! Her talent is astounding and it’s always an honor to work by her side. After we complete an event setup, I’ll even sometimes get to explore my second, second love, photography. I really love a lot of things. There’s just not enough time in a day and if there were, I would never stop painting, drawing, designing and taking pictures. I’m pretty sure I’m an antisocial introvert most of the time. I’m not mad about it. Flowers and paint are just more entertaining than humans sometimes (all the time) (sorry not sorry).

So when I do these events, it’s super exciting but also a ton of work. Since I am first and foremost a stationery designer, I always create custom stationery items for every event. Then there’s planning the flowers, ordering the flowers, choosing the vessels, planning an entire table scape and any extra table themes such as a sweets table. Lots and lots of pre planning and pinning and making inspiration boards. I’m not complaining because again, antisocial introvert, this is my crack. The equivalent to a night out, at a wild soiree. The fact that I just used the word “soiree” should really show how much I don’t go out. Back on point, it’s definitely a time consuming endeavor. But one with tons of reward because in the end, it’s a gorgeous and tangible experience. One that you get to live in for a bit, as the guest of honor or just a guest. It’s like stepping inside of a book or a film. It’s not real life. And sometimes we need to leave reality for a bit. To hit refresh and feel different, revived in some way. I aim to bring this feeling to all my clients.

Now all the planning is complete and it’s time to put it to the test. The day of the event. I always have anxiety on this day because so much of the design part, after the planning elements are complete, is intuitive. I make in the moment decisions and have to hope I brought the right prop. I’ve arranged the flowers and packed them up in crates for transportation along with all other decor items. Bubble wrap and boxes and bags and scissors and tape and twine. I think all event stylists/ coordinators have a “tools and stuff” bag, consisting of such random but necessary items. I imagine most of you really don’t understands this concept but I don’t understand engineering so, we all have our strengths. No judgements here.

Below I’ll share a few photos from some summer events that I either coordinated and styled or assisted and styled. All were a blast and I look forward to the next one!

Bridal Shower at 65 On Main in Nyack

Flowers and essentially all details done by Paula! I assisted with day of styling and took the pictures!

Rehearsal Dinner at The Burger Loft in New City, on the outside Patio!

Flowers, Styling, Decor and Photography by yours truly.

New cards in the shop!

More new products on the way soon. Thanks for reading along!