The Process

By April 5, 2017Blog


First things first, hey there. Hi, I’m Stephanie, it’s nice to meet you. I think you should get a feel for who I am and how I work. Because let’s be honest, the more we like someone the more we want to work with them, right? To start, I try to convey my most important personality traits via email and over phone calls. Those traits are: organized, knowledgeable, friendly and honest. Just for starters. Once you get a taste of what I’m like, I want you to feel taken care of. My goal is to provide you with all the confidence that I can and will execute your dream wedding suite. This is the part where it’s like trust falls. You just have to fall backwards into my creative hands and trust that I gotchu girl. I will interpret your words, images, flowers and overall story and transfer them to paper. The end product will be one you want to look back on in years to come. Or even the day after your wedding. Whenever you want, really.

Second, I create the proposal. At this point you have seen my work and you know my style. Essentially, you’ve done the window shopping and now you’re ready to come in and buy but you just need to make sure I carry the right size and color. Let’s be frank. If you don’t see anything on my website or etsy shop that catches your eye, you probably don’t want to work with me and that’s okay! It has to be the right fit for both of us. If it’s a match, we have a chat about your wedding theme, colors, etc. I build a proposal based on the items you request, the quantity you desire and I put together an inspiration board with images that you both sent me and I found that tell a story for us to both see the path we’ll be going down before the sketching begins. If all looks good, you sign the contract and send the deposit and vous a la ! We are in business together.

Third, the sketching. Almost immediately I begin sketching your invitation design, rsvp etc. based on all the little details we have discussed thus far and the inspiration board I created that you approved. This phase is only completed once you say, I do. To the sketch.

Fourth, the paint. The sketches are approved and we are moving to the color and painting phase. There are different painting styles we can play with here. Colors are probably already determined based on the inspiration board but there is always room for additions and changes. Same theory here as with the sketches. We keep going until you are happy. Hopefully very happy and so excited. At no additional charge. Ever. The cost is determined up front and there are no surprises.

Fifth, all the components are complete. We love them and everyone’s ecstatic (I hope and pray but also I make sure of it!). Now we print and talk about packaging. This includes ribbon, stamps (vintage or other), envelope color, calligraphy style and ink color, wax seals, etc. I’m always open to new ideas that you may have and I’m here to help find the perfect packaging items. This is something that can and will be discussed from the beginning so that you know it’s part of the deal along the way. And also, so you can be doing some research on your own if you please. It allows time to order any necessary items that may take time to ship.

Sixth, we package and send. For the most part, my brides prefer that I take care of all packaging and sending. It’s less stressful for them and a complete story for me. I do love seeing the project through from beginning to end but of course, the option is there if you’d like to package and/or send yourself. A labor fee is discussed and tacked on but I always say (as do many), time is money. So for you ladies who already have enough to do, as long as your budget allows, it is definitely worth it to have me finish this baby for you. And that’s it, then you get married! I know, it went fast. If there was going to be a seventh step it would be to have fun and enjoy all of this planning. That is half of the excitement.

Below I’ve compiled a few “process” photos to give you a real feel for the experience. Thanks for reading!



And in the end we have a completed collection! Below is our Spring Blooms 2017 suite 🙂


Greenery 2017: