What is Wedding Stationery, really?

By July 23, 2019Blog

What is wedding stationery? What stationery items do I need to mail? What stationery items do I want at my actual wedding? Do I need calligraphy on my envelopes? What is the difference between calligraphy and digital printing? These are so common questions I hear and I want to give you some info to help while deciding what items you NEED and what items you WANT.

INVITATION & RSVP – Firstly, items you NEED. When you’re throwing a wedding, you need to invite people and you need to know if they’re coming or not. Everyone needs an invitation and a way for guests to reply to you BUT with wedding websites you now have the digital reply option which eliminates the need for the tangible RSVP card AND the return envelope that goes along with it. This saves you on item and postage cost. However, it is so fun to collect those cards from your mailbox and see the cute notes people write to you on them. SO the choice is yours my friends. Either way works just fine!

MAP CARD, INFO CARD, DETAILS CARD – These are essentially one and the same (and are circumstantially a NEED but can also be a WANT). What makes them different is the illustration you do or do not choose. The map is of course, an illustrated map of your wedding area including all of the important landmarks for your wedding weekend and or wedding day. This is just so fun and special to keep that most couples want it to have for themselves! It can be framed and even printed in a different size or on another surface, such as on fabric, to become art for your new home as newlyweds. If you choose no map but you have a big weekend planned with an itinerary for your guests, then you probably need an info card / details card. These are the exact same thing. Typically couples will incorporate a small illustration element that pulls from the invitation design to be cohesive, like a floral in the corner or on the edges, etc. The whole point of this item is to give people dates, times and locations so they know where to be and when for your exciting celebrations. All of this info can also be put on your wedding website if you have one and you can lead people there instead. 

DAY OF SIGNAGE – I can’t tell you enough how special these details make your wedding day but that said, they are still wants! But like, need wants, you know?  One idea, let’s welcome everyone to your wedding and tell them how excited you are to have them there celebrating with you! This sign can be large on an easel or framed on a table or hanging from a tree or pillar. The possibilities are endless for welcoming. Another idea, having a specialty cocktail being made in honor of you and your fiancé? Maybe it’s a blackberry bourbon smash? (Yum, my fave) I can illustrate the cocktail and write what it is, what it’s called and what’s in it, on an 8×10 printout that can then be framed at the bar or in a smaller size on everyone’s table so they for sure know what to order at the reception! And another idea, do you have a little area designated for gifts and cards? People are always searching for this spot as soon as they walk in so they don’t forget to gift you or put the gift in the wrong place. So make a sign that says “Wedding gifts” and then there’s no guesswork for your guests! On these signs we also have the opportunity to continue including design elements that reflect your invitations. It’s your theme and your style and it’s so personal to you on the most personal day of your lives, so let’s put it as many places as we can think of! Without being tacky, obviously. 

SEATING CHART, ESCORT CARDS, PLACE CARDS – These are almost all necessary so there’s not total chaos once the reception begins. For sure there needs to be EITHER a seating chart sign OR escort cards so people know what table they are at. Depending on the layout of your venue and your personal preference, you can choose between the two. There are so many creative and exciting ways to display both nowadays. Just type them into Pinterest and you’ll be mind blown. And then we can narrow down the endless options based on your venue and your wedding theme! The place cards would sit at each setting of the table, assigning people to a seat which is not completely necessary but it can be done if you’d like! 

HAND LETTERED OR DIGITALLY PRINTED ENVELOPES- Well, envelopes are a need so that you can mail your wedding suites. The choice between hand lettered addresses or digitally printed is personal preference. Nothing compares to that beautiful hand lettered look you see on the envelope, with the slightest and prettiest imperfections that make each envelope so unique and special. That being said, calligraphy is pricey! Understandably because it’s such a special skill that takes time to learn and master and then execute. Digitally printing the addresses works just fine too. Nowadays there are so many beautiful fonts to choose from, it’s almost not noticeable when it’s digital versus hand lettered and no one will judge! And if they do, well rude. Always remember your budget is yours and yours alone and you should spend on the pieces of your wedding that have the most meaning to you and your fiancé. 

Let’s recap and view some other day of options: 

  1. Welcome sign
  2. Specialty cocktail / Bar signs
  3. Wedding gifts sign  
  4. Seating chart sign
  5. Escort cards (guests name plus date/spouse with table assignment)
  6. Place cards (at each spot of table to assign seats, extra step)  
  7. Menu cards (can have design elements that reflect your invitations)
  8. Gift for the Guests sign (can be setup on the table on the way out with any gifts for the guests to take so they know, these are for them!) 
  9. Personal wedding hashtag sign 
  10. Get creative! If you have a favorite quote or poem or saying, make a sign with it! Every little detail you design for your wedding just makes it that much more special and YOU as a couple and we love that. 

Have questions and want to chat about your own wedding? Shoot me an email at info@stephanietara.com

Below are some images from weddings I have worked on in the past! Shout out to Kylie and Ashley, our featured brides. They are so gorgeous and I absolutely loved working with them both to illustrate all of their personal stationery items!

Photo credit: Ciro Photography AND Thompson Photography