When we were wolves

By October 28, 2019Blog

One year ago, the Potenza family transformed into wolves for halloween. I think my look was more fox like but for the sake of cohesion, we’ll go with wolves. What I did was research wolf (and fox) makeup on Pinterest, bought a very cheap fur vest, made little felt ears, sewed some craft fur into one of John’s flannels, and a few other details and then decked us out. It literally took 3 hours to get ready. Nothing is done lightly in this house. We then headed to the woods where we utilized that handy self timer and snapped away.┬áDid people pass by on their hike and give us funny looks? They sure did. But you know what, who cares. We just growled at them until they ran away. Lol no we did not do that but it would have been very fun.

Below is a recap of that glorious photo shoot and maybe some ideas for your own family halloween costumes? Really if you just get the most basic requirements and add them to clothes you already own, you’re much better off than building a costume from the ground up. Way too overwhelming. Leggings and plain shirts can become anything. And have fun with the details! I did a search the other day for animal ears on amazon and there are quite a few. Shop small guys but when in a pinch, amazon all the way. #realist

Thanks for reading! xx